Curated Architecture 2023


Tammy L. van den Brink's love of art, architecture and design started at a young age when her dad would teach her drawing techniques at the kitchen table. Learning more and appreciating art as she grew, after high school she perused a diploma in Fine Art and Graphic Design. Tammy went on to work in the industry and then started her family. Raising 4 children now takes up most of her time, but she continues to create when she is able and never stops learning. Tammy, her husband James and their four children, Owen, Lillian, Silas and Elliott have lived in Fonthill since 2008. Raising their children in Pelham, Tammy and James strive to give their children an appreciation for all the arts by giving them experiences like visiting famous artworks or listening to world class orchestras on stage. When they are able to travel, they share their knowledge of art history and music with their children, just recently returning from a March break vacation touring Italy and enjoying it immensely! It is a privilege for Tammy to be a part of the Pelham Arts Festival in the capacity of curator for Architecture, since she has been a keen supporter of the local arts for a number of years. She currently sits on the committee of Art and Culture for the town of Pelham and is uplifted with the enthusiasm towards the arts in our small community! Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. - Edgar Degas


Best of Architecture:

Neighbourhood #1  – by John Werlich


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