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Through my photographs, I like to share the world I see and imagine with others. I use both the camera and computer to produce my photographic art. The camera is employed as a tool with the intention of imparting a sense of realism to the scene while the computer allows for modifications to the story which can present the viewer with a different perspective on the world around them. In each image, I hope to help the viewer feel that she/he is seeing the familiar but in a different way.
My artwork has been featured on the cover of Bonnie K.T. Dillabough’s, “Dimensional Alliance” series of novels and has received awards from the Canadian Association of Photographic Art. This summer, I will for the sixth year, be displaying a number of images at the Mutchmor Gallery In Providence Bay on Manitoulin island.

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Photography & Digital Media


  • 2019
  • 66 x 45.7 x 3.81 cm
  • $325.00

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