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I am a self-taught colour pencil artist, just beginning my art journey. I take my inspiration from the North American wildlife I was so fortunate to grow up surrounded by. Some of my earliest cherished memories are from the many camping trips I took with my family, where I was able to observe and gain a deep respect and appreciation for all animals. In my artwork, I draw extra attention to the facial expressions of animals, and especially to the eyes, which are the most important part of my drawings. We're naturally drawn to eyes because we want to make a connection; I aim to build that connection between animal and human, and invite people to take a closer look at the nature of these amazing creatures, and consider what a privilege it is to exist alongside them. In keeping with that spirit, 10% of all profits go towards Wildlife Conservation.

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Main Exhibition 2023

2D Works


  • 2021
  • 25.4 x 20.32 cm
  • $300.00

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