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St Catharines
Nature currently inspires me. The diversity of colors, beauty and harmony fascinates me. I frequently use impressions I take from travels and Ontario’s majestic nature in their abstract form in my painting. Seasonal colors and natures energy inspires me and drives my artistic creation.

Some of the bright explosive colors you may notice in my paintings is my fun personality coming out. I capture a unique and uninhibited interpretation of nature, one filled with whimsy and enchantment...playful flowing lines, unexpected drips, and dreamy layers strike a beautiful happy balance between reality and abstraction. I give myself total freedom to capture the energy and beauty of botanicals, animals and landscapes.

As you can tell, painting is my happy place. I hope you enjoy my work! Thanks for taking a look!

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  • 36th Pelham Art Festival - Best in Show - Peoples Choice

Main Exhibition 2023


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