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Thorold South
Ken is a 11 grade student at TSS. They started drawing at a very young age and since then has been developing her skills in other mediums. As she has grown, Ken has taken great inspiration from the darker elements of pop culture such as the goth/alternative style. Another great inspiration for them was their oldest sister and mom. Both had varying artistic abilities and always encouraged her to challenge herself even when she wanted to give up on art. Ken is known to make statements in her artwork, statements regarding climate change or social problems. They prefer charcoal as their medium but also takes great pleasure in printmaking, specifically Lino block. One common theme found in their work is the combination of dark shading and single use of colour. Most importantly, she makes art from a place of love. She always dreamt of becoming an artist in some shape or form. Each year she believes she is getting a few steps closer to that dream.

Main Exhibition 2023

2D Works

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