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I am always excited when I have new ideas and perspectives. However, I do not seek inspiration. Whenever I open myself up, take a look around, and follow my heart, creative ideas find me. I thrive when working on several projects and mediums at once, however, I continually paint in watercolours (my first love). Although I still paint on traditional watercolour paper, I've discovered that painting on Yupo paper can be exhilarating and dramatic. I love the spontaneity and the challenge of working on this waterproof surface. The pigments swim on top of the surface, therefore one must be patient and sometimes 'think backwards'. After the paint dries, I can carefully go back over with more pigment or easily remove paint. This allows me to capture negative spaces & lines. I love adding ink lines to my composition. Sometimes at the end or often at the beginning. You will find this in much of my work. Within this body of work, I hope that my love for Watercolour on Yupo shines through!

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Main Exhibition 2023



  • 2023
  • 19 x 24 cm

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