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St Catharines
Photography really is a unique blend of light, time, distance, and capture all at the same moment. Just as this is a small story to tell you about me, taking a photo is a similar experience for me, its like me telling you the story of what I see or feel in that exact moment. I want you to see the story as I felt it and experienced it.
The more I create my photos the more in love I fall with this outlet of art, its not work for me but a real pleasure. Photography brings me really happiness and joy and I hope it shows in my work.
My new love of fine art photography has helped me fine new methods of displaying my artwork, I’ve recently started printing my art creations on beautiful marble slabs and fine art papers. Each slab of marble stone is selected to enhances and complement my fine art creation, giving it a real depth. The stone textures allow each piece to be a unique one-of-a-kind creation.

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Main Exhibition 2023

Photography & Digital Media

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