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I am a published, and award winning nature photographer who loves the outdoors. My photography skills come to me as being self-taught, and my learning is an ever evolving process. I enjoy photographing landscapes. I am constantly seeking natural landscapes that will provide me with the best compositions, and am willing to drive, hike, and canoe hours to seek out these locations.
Once I happen upon these locations, I will not hesitate to do whatever I can to safely (and sometime not so safely) achieve the best possible vantage point and compositions. When photographing landscapes, the details at my feet are just as important as the details on the horizon and I attempt to capture this in my work, using near/far exposures wherever possible.
I often use multiple exposures and focus stacking and process my photos to capture not just what I saw but what I felt at the moment.

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Main Exhibition 2023

Photography & Digital Media


  • 2022
  • 85 x 60 x 8 cm
  • $400.00

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