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Artwork Archive Blog
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Gallery Uploading - 
Free Letter and Character Counter for Use to Assist with Your Application

Online Resources

Top 10 Wall Art Visualizer Apps  – PDF Download
5 Tips for Getting into Juried Art Shows I Artists Network
Application FAQS

Photographing your Artwork

Application Photography Tips
Photographing Artwork for Your Online Application, Photography Session
4 Steps to Photographing Your Art Like a Professional | Artwork Archive
Photograph Your Own Artwork, Saatchi
How To Photograph Your Artwork Like A Professional and Why You Should, Artspace
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Pricing Artwork

Top 12 Tips for Setting Prices, CARFAC
7 Rules for Pricing your Artworks, Artwork Archive
How to Price Your Artworks, Saatchi
Selling Your Work Online, Instagram TV (IGTV) series by Craft Ontario


How to promote your art on social media, (Video) Set Sail)
How to Make Time to Promote Your Art on Social Media ...(Empty Easel)
How to go live on Instagram?, Video Howfinity

How to Package Artwork

How do I package a painting? –Saatchi
How to pack framed art -UPS Store
How to safely package and ship framed artwork (Video, FedEx)
How to package sculptures, Saatchi

Social Media Sizing for Artist Promotion

Recommended Sizing for Social Media Posts