The Pelham Art Festival Committee 2023-2024 is composed of a group of volunteers who brainstorm and work together to mount one of the longest-running spring art Festivals in Ontario. This team is composed of members dedicated to the arts with talents ranging in many areas, including leadership, web work, social media, graphic design, interior decorating, event planning and mounting, fund raising and many others.



Executive Committee

Heidi TeBrake ~ Past Executive Chair
Barbara Lanneval ~ Past Chair
Dave Smith ~ Secretary
Kaitlyn Daw ~ Treasurer


Cassandra Best, Robert Bora, Jason Chow, Kaitlyn Daw, Diana DeVries, George Doros, Linda Ellsworth, Mia Ferrara, Francie McGlynn, Cathy Peters, Edie Pett, Natalia Shields, Dave Smith, Jessica Szaszi, Cherylann Vacaro, Tammy van den Brink, Sheila Vander Weir, Linda Warren

Contact Information

Art Around Town Coordinator
Mia Ferrara | [email protected]

Communications Coordinator
Mia Ferrara | [email protected]

Curator Coordinator
Francie McGlynn | [email protected]

Media Coordinator
Edie Pett | [email protected] 

Jury Coordinator 

Natalia Shields l [email protected]

Pelham Library Board Liason
Cassandra Best | [email protected]

Social Media Coordinator
Linda Warren | [email protected]

Sponsorship Coordinators
Sheila Vander Wier | [email protected] 

Tammy van den Brink l [email protected] 

Youth Art Coordinators
Natalia Shields | [email protected]
Jessica Szaszi l [email protected]                                                                                                                 

Website Coordinator
Jason Chow | [email protected]

Volunteer Coordinators
Sheila Vander Wier | [email protected]